Hours of Operation


The Burger Meister Food Court

Here's where you can get a great burger or chicken and fries, or a sandwich made to order. Lots of salads, soups and desserts too.

Nick's Pizza Emporium

Nick's Pizza Emporium

Nick's Pizza Emporium has great made-to-order pizza or slices!!!!

Sugar n' Spice Bake Shop Sugar n' Spice Bake Shop

Santa is especially proud of his desserts so don't miss decorating your own gingerbread man (or lady) at the Sugar n' Spice Bake Shop. Be sure to sample a bit of gingerbread. Yule be sold, and have to order one. The best part is decorating your own! "These cookies are the best in all the world." --Steven Everit, age 11.

Jolly Lolly Jolly Lolly

Say hi to Sylvia, and sample her yummy fudge. She makes it fresh on a daily basis. She has found some great Yuletide recipes we think yule enJOY. There are lots of other sweet treats here too--including some jolly lollies!

Frosty's Freezer Frosty's Freezer

Next to cookies and fudge, ice cream is on Santa's favorite list for desserts. Visit Frosty's Freezer for great hard or soft ice cream, sundaes and drinks.

Dasher's Delight Dasher's Delights

Dasher's is the place for lots of quick snacks including fried dough, and cotton candy. This season brings burrrr-gers, fries, sausage sandwiches and hot dogs.

Donners Donuts Donners Donuts

Caution!!! These minis are addicting, habit-forming and whole heartedly delicious! Drinks sold too.

Picnics Picnics at Santa's Village

At Santa's Village you may even bring your own picnic. There are picnic tables all over the village. Just make yourself at home. You are our special guests!

The Fruit Loop's Farm Stand The Fruit Loop's Farm Stand

Looking for a lite lunch? You'll find quick and healthy snacks here!.

Nutcrack Sweets Nutcracker Sweets

Enjoy a Snack for the shows at the Polar Theater!


Dasher's Delight Polar Expresso

Take something along on your train ride

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