Hours of Operation
Ride To Ride with a Ride Responsible Adult Alone Ride Explanation
Antique Cars For all ages 42" Self-driven cars on track. Lots of interesting turns!
Reindeer Carousel For all ages 42" Ride Rudolph or sit on a sleigh-bench
Ho, Ho, H20 For all ages N/A Lots of climbs, slides and interactive fun for all!
Poogie's Splash Pad For all ages N/A Spouts of water jetting at intervals.
Santa's Skyway Sleigh For all ages 48" Ride above the trees around the park. Family pictures taken
Santa's Express Train For all ages 48" Ride around the park on narrow gauge track
The Red Hot Racer Toddler 42" Raft speed competition for younger set. May get a bit wet!
The Little Drummer Boy (Tea Cup) Toddler   42" Self-spinning circular motion
Merry Christmas Ferris Wheel Toddler   48" Open car Ferris Wheel
The Himalaya Toddler   42" Fast, circular motion
Hot Shots Fire Brigade (Ladder) Toddler   42" Circular hydrolic lift; may get a little wet
Hot Shots Fire Brigade (Fire Truck) Toddler   Toddler Circular motion for smaller children only
The Great Humbug Adventure (Dark Ride) Toddler   48" Dark ride with strobes. Tickle Humbugs with JOY sticks to tally your scores
Loopin' Louie's Flying School Toddler   42" Circular motion sleighs that are self-lifting
The Pixie Mix Toddler   Toddler Circular kiddie ride for younger tots
The Peppermint Twist Toddler   42" Twirling boat with a large swaying motion
The Yule Log Flume Minimum Height 36" 48" Log-style boat with drop and spash
Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster Minimum Height 36" 48" Coaster with a bit of a kick for young and old
Santa's Chimney Drop Minimum Height 38" N/A Dropping quickly at intervals
Santa's Smackers (Bumper Cars) Minimum Height 42" 48"  Drive your car, or be a passenger on a one-way oval floor
Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree (Swing Ride) Minimum Height 42" 42" Swing ride with hydrolic lift
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