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Santa's Village Web Fun & Games

Work Shop Every minute at Santa's Village allows guests to participate in unique activities. The most popular is the Elfabet Game. Little Elves are located throughout the park. They all have names beginning with their letter of the Elfabet.

Children can get their Elfabet cards at the Elfabet University. When they see one of the elves, they simply put their card into the little gift the Elf is holding. When they push down on the lever, it cancels that letter of the Elfabet.

When all (or most) the 26 letters have been cancelled, children can go back to the University to claim their prize. Oh What Fun!!!

The Reindeer Games

Yes, we can "join in any Reindeer Games" at Santa's Village. Lots of laughs abound as children participate in the same games that help Santa's Reindeer learn to fly!

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