Hours of Operation

Hi Santa,
my name is Ryan and I love Santa's Village! I've been going there ever sinse I was 3 and I'm 11! I never get bored of it. It always has it's beutiful scenery, rides and shows. I'm planning to go again next summer. I always go to Santa's Village when I go camping in New Hampshire. I also go to Story Land after I go here. My favorite rides are The Great Humbug Adventure, Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster, Santa's Skyway Sleigh, the Antique Cars, the S.S. Peppermint Twist, the Train, and The Little Drummer Boy ride. I always get a horseshoe ring and make a gingerbread man. I love playing the Elphabet game (even though I know where they all are because I've been there more than five times)! My mom and dad love everything there. You have great food, especially the ice cream, fudge and pizza. I love the gift shop too. Everytime I leave I cry. I just love that place so much! I always make my mom and dad go back there just to look at it one more time before we leave and head back to Boston, Massachusetts. I think I'm your greatest fan.



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