Hours of Operation

 Dear Santa & staff,
My family and I went to your village on 8/14 and were entirely impressed! Your park is clean, the staff friendly, the lift lines non-existent (we rode the Yule Log 7 times and the roller-coaster 5 times), the food great, the prices low.
I am particularly impressed and thankful that you continue to promote the true meaning of Christmas by maintaining the LARGE nativity and St. Nick's beautiful chapel. My 3.5 year old continues to talk about the chapel and all the "mini" churches inside. It was so realistic that we automatically lowered our voices once inside in respect for God.
In a world losing it's faith in Jesus and attempting to erase the reality of Christmas, your park is a bright spot for the Truth! I hope I one day win the lottery so that I can more fully contribute to your continued success.


P.S. We enjoyed our trip so much that we plan on heading back near Christmastime to enjoy the park with snow (hopefully).




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