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We love Santa's village and we visit every fall. I have 4 children ages 19-8 and our first visit was in 1993 with our oldest son. Of course it was a hit! My youngest son has significant special needs. he is legally blind and has developmental delays. We took him along on our visits ever since he was year old. 3 years ago it "clicked" to him that this was a really fun place to be. We have had a lot of "firsts" at the park-first carousel ride, first train ride etc. last year he become much more adventuresome wanting to try different rides and explore parts of the park that he was afraid of before. Of course we have captured this in pictures every year. Your staff are so kind and compassionate, taking special care to see that all my children, including him have a good time. Our fall vacation is 6 weeks away and a trip to the park is first on the agenda-Owen-my youngest son-has been talking about it non-stop, telling us everything he wants to do once he gets there. Thank you for being so accommodating so that Owen can participate in everything his siblings do. It is a testimony to how special a place Santa's Village is-after all Santa does love everyone doesn't he.

Linda From Massachusetts

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