Hours of Operation

Thank you!
My mother, my sister, my niece and I all decided that a family trip to Santa's Village would be fun for my three year old daughter this past weekend. So, on Sunday, we made the almost three hour trek to Jefferson New Hampshire from Maine. I had been to Santa's Village 31 year ago and so I knew it had been there for quite a while and expected a run down park with what I was sure would be a few hidden gems. I was totally wrong as the entire place is a gem! We were blown away with a number of things. First, your park is clean! What a treat! We recently spent some time at SeaWorld and Animal Kingdom but your park has them beat by miles when it comes to cleanliness! Secondly, your rides and events were really in great shape! Kids are torturous on things and I was simply amazed at how well your rides and facilities really were kept up. Lastly and most importantly, the staff at your park get an A++. EVERYONE we had contact with was helpful, warm and pleasant. I felt as though they really valued us being there and I LOVED the fact that if we wanted to ride the ride again (Stay on the bumper cars for example), we could stay in the car and just go again and not have to get out and get back in line. I realize this was probably due to it being a cool fall day and not the peak of your season, but it really was wonderful! My daughter had a fabulous time and our experience there even has my husband thinking about coming along next time! I have passed the word along to all our neighbors and my colleagues at work and just truly wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day! I never felt like the park just wanted my money as we just truly felt like people just really wanted us to enjoy our time there. What a terrific place and a terrific day it was. We will be back!
Thank you again, Nicole Harvie

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