Hours of Operation

My husband and I are foster parents and our first experience was four years ago when we took in our first foster child. One of the experiences we felt would be good for him was to come to Santa's Village for a fun day. Well to be honest it was the most enjoyable and rewarding experience we as adults ever had, the joy and amazement on this childs face and the excitement that lasted throughout the following three years whenever Santa's Village was mentioned can not be expressed with words. We continued to bring him to your park year after year until he was re-unified with his mother. We sometimes don't realize the difference a child gets from the experience they get from a visit to your park. This 3 yr old little boy had given up on the hopes of a real santa, but after his first visit he was a true believer. Nothing can compare to the joy that fills not only the childs heart but that of the adult accompanying him to your park. You opened the world of hopes and dreams to a child that may never had had that chance. Thank you so much for the magic you offer.

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