Hours of Operation

Santa's Penguin Partners are independent lodging facilities available in our
area. They have partnered with Santa, and offer packages which are
intended to be of value to you. These are neighbors to Santa's Village.
Although the park has partnered with them, it is your choice as to what
you might enjoy for lodging. These partners vary as to accommodations they offer.





The White Mountains region has many lodging facilities to suit your needs. Options from the grand hotels to campgrounds abound. To see something you'll enJOY, please visit the following:

White Mountains Attractions Association

At the White Mountains Attractions Association you'll find all the attractions and a full range of lodging accommodations. You may also want to give them a call for a complete packet of information at 1-800-346-3687.

New Hampshire Grand

New Hampshire Grand - Experience the Grand Resorts and Grand Adventures of Northern New Hampshire! Visit nhgrand.com for information and a listing of unique lodging establishments. You will also find information on "The Best of Coos" county a guide to restaurants and retail establishments in Northern New Hampshire.

Hours NH Grand