Your Birthday


Affordable Birthday Parties:

With the required reservation at least two weeks in advance, Santa’s Helper will meet you at the beginning of your day, and escort the party to our Partybration House. These are some of the great amenities Santa’s Helpers provide for this very special day:
  • Private facility for the party (2 hour time limit; choice of either 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm, subject to availability)
  • Birthday Sticker
  • Lunch for everyone (Pizza and Drinks)
  • Decorate-your-own cupcakes
  • Goody bags
  • 1 group photo with Santa for the birthday child
  • Special gift for the birthday child from Santa

All of the above for up to eight guests is $89.95. Additional guests may join in for $9.95 each.

All guests, including the birthday child, must have a park admission ticket; admission tickets are sold separately.

At least two weeks prior to your planned visit, please complete the required Birthday Party Reservation Form. Once we receive the form, we'll contact you promptly. It’s a JOYfilled day!

Optional Add-on: ask Santa's Helper about purchasing "Color Me" birthday t-shirts!

Complimentary Birthday Celebrations:

With a required notification at least two days in advance for those children ages 12 and younger, we'll help you celebrate in style...

We'll have a birthday sticker for your child to wear at Fezziwig's gift shop; when you enter at the ticket booth, just tell Santa's Helper that you're celebrating your child's birthday.

When you visit Santa’s Home, please tell the greeter who is celebrating.  Santa has something special for the birthday child.

If you decide to see one of the most fabulous shows on earth, please stop by the Polar Theater.  The greeter will also be happy to know whose birthday it is.  You will all be JOYful when you leave—that’s a guarantee!

Please complete the required Birthday Celebration Form at least 2 days prior to your visit and we will be ready for your special visit.

If you wish to bring your own cake and fixings, that's great. We can keep the cake cool, and we promise not to lick the frosting! LOL

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