Best days to visit?

The park takes pride in providing a day or more of activities for the entire family. Our goal is to limit the length of queue lines for rides and shows. During the summer season, the best days to visit are Sundays and Thursdays. If you are able to visit on these days, they are the least busy.

Christmastime is the most wonderful time of the year. Those Sundays we are open in December are the best days to visit. The two days after the US Thanksgiving in November are busiest.

Are there discounts or coupons available and where?

Guest Appreciation Weekends on three springtime weekends -- Saturdays & Sundays, May 28 & 29, June 4 & 5, and June 11 & 12 of 2016 -- feature general admission tickets, sold at the park's ticket booth, at a discount of $5 off the regular general admission rate of $31.

Return Passes are issued to guests who begin their visit during the final three hours of our operating day. The non-transferable Return Pass provides admission for another full day during the season, at no additional admission charge.

Two-Day Pass: This is for two consecutive days, with $5 off the second day ticket. Should you be interested in that, please ask our Admissions Helpers at the ticket booth, or see our Helper at Guest Services for an upgrade.

'Tis The Season Pass:  When you visit, you may also wish to upgrade to a season pass.  This includes each and every day we’re open during a calendar year (an up-charge applies to attending the New Year's Eve event).  A 2016 season pass costs $79 per person; children ages 3 and younger do not need a pass.

Groups of at least 25 visitors will enjoy a special rate when they visit together at the same time. Please call 603-586-4445 ext 0 to make the required reservation.

Active Military and their families also enjoy a $3 discount off the regular general admission rate of $31.  Please bring your military cards and present them to our Helper at the Ticket Booth.

Senior Citizens enjoy a $3 discount off the regular general admission rate of $31. 

Coupons are available only for in-park savings on certain days of the week, and only online by visiting "Santa's Savings Tree" (click here)

Lodging facilities in the area who are listed as “Penguin Partners” in the lodging section of this web site provide packages that include tickets to the park and overnight accommodations.

Do you allow pets into the park?

Pets can spend the day in our complimentary Canine Condos just outside the park. They're available on a first-come, first-serve basis; sorry, we don't take reservations. They are good-sized, individual cages that are in the shade.

When you arrive, check with a Helper inside the Exit Gift Shop (inside the 'Out' igloo behind Rudolph when viewed from the parking lot). In the gift shop we'll collect a $10 deposit and provide you with a key and bowl for use throughout the day; the full $10 deposit is returned to you when you return the key and bowl to the gift shop.

These Condos are not supervised but they are in view of the public and our Helpers in the parking lot. Should your dog have a problem, we'll usually know rather quickly. You're welcome to check on your dog at any time during your visit with us -- just get your hand stamped the first time out through the exit so you can re-enter the park throughout the day.

Are the canine condos available during Christmastime?

We do offer these "Condos" at Christmastime, but also feel that your car might serve better as it's warmer and more comfy for your animal(s). Remember to open the window just a little if you choose to leave your pet in the car during this colder season.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

Yes, we have adult wheelchairs and motorized scooters available.  There is no charge for the wheelchairs, and they are loaned out on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The motorized adult scooters are loaned on a daily basis for $25. per day.  Weight restrictions:  under 350 lbs.  Please call 603-586-4445 ext 0 to reserve.

Do you have nursing facilities available?

Yes, we have Mary and Joseph's Nursery is located off the Polar Theater lobby, with a large sink, microwave, changing spots, and separate rooms for nursing moms with chairs for those who desire privacy.  We also have a room for nursing mothers at our North Bowl facility near the entrance and exit of the park.

My child has special needs, and has difficulty in crowded situations. What might be available?

We provide "Preferential Accessibility" to those guests who have difficulty waiting in lines. When you visit, please stop by the Guest and Family Services Center inside the Polar Theater building. There, you may explain your situation to our attendant to see if a preferential access pass is available, and learn the guidelines for use of the pass at certain rides and at Santa's Home.

I’m pregnant. Can I ride on all rides?

There's plenty to see and do and share with your family.  We do ask that women who are pregnant exercise additional caution when deciding about participating on rides; we ask that you please avoid using any rides that include the pregnancy icon on the guidelines scroll sign posted at each ride.  Some of these rides are:

  • Yule Log Flume
  • Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster
  • Himalaya
  • Bumper Cars
  • The Chimney Drop
  • Joy Ride Slides

Many of our rides are fine, and lots of fun, even when pregnant.  Most will be appropriate if the safety latches can be secured.  We provide a comfortable family park where benches and rest stops are easily accessible.

What rides can my child ride?

Ride To Ride with a Responsible Adult Alone Ride Explanation
Antique Cars For all ages 42" Self-driven cars on track. Lots of interesting turns!
Reindeer Carousel For all ages 42" Ride Rudolph or sit on a sleigh-bench
Ho, Ho, H20 For all ages N/A Lots of climbs, slides and interactive fun for all!
Poogie's Splash Pad For all ages N/A Spouts of water jetting at intervals.
The Skyway Sleigh For all ages 48" Ride above the trees around the park. Family pictures taken.
Santa's Express Train For all ages 48" Ride around the park on narrow gauge track.
Red Hot Racers Toddler 42" Raft speed competition for younger set. May get a bit wet!
The Little Drummer Boy (Tea Cup) Toddler 42" Self-spinning circular motion.
Christmas Ferris Wheel Toddler 48" Open car Ferris Wheel.
Himalaya Toddler 42" Fast, circular motion.
Hot Shots Fire Brigade (Ladder) Toddler 42" Circular hydraulic lift; may get a little wet.
Hot Shots Fire Brigade (Fire Truck) Toddler Toddler Circular motion for smaller children only.
The Great Humbug Adventure (Dark Ride) Toddler 48" Dark ride with strobes. Tickle Humbugs with JOY sticks to tally your scores.
Little Elf Flying School Toddler 42" Circular motion sleighs that are self-lifting.
The Pixie Mix Toddler Toddler Circular kiddie ride for younger tots.
S.S. Peppermint Twist Toddler 42" Twirling boat with a large swaying motion.
Yule Log Flume Minimum Height 36" 48" Log-style boat with drop and splash.
JOY Ride Slides Minimum Height 36" N/A Curving water slides.
Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster Minimum Height 39" 48" Coaster with a bit of a kick for young and old.
The Chimney Drop Minimum Height 36" 36" Dropping quickly at intervals.
You Tubing Minimum Height 39" 39" Downhill sliding with inner tubes on bristled mats.
Bumper Cars Minimum Height 42" 48" Drive your car, or be a passenger on a one-way oval floor.
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Swing Ride) Minimum Height 42" 42" Swing ride with hydrolic lift.

My child has food allergies. What do you offer?

We have a few food areas that have egg, dairy, gluten and nut ingredients in their products. We would like to have detailed them for you; however, ingredients change on a weekly basis. Please check with each shop for the latest labels.

  • The Sugar 'N Spice Bake Shop: All Santa’s cookies contain gluten, egg or dairy products.  We do offer a nut-free, and a nut-free gluten-free pre-packaged cookie that is safe.  Other than juices, there are no products here without dairy. Some cookies contain nuts, and there is a potential for cross-contamination.
  • Burger Meister Food Court: This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order these.  Hotdogs contain potassium lactate, but the french fries, onion rings, burgers (without the roll), garden salads and fruit bowls are all free from dairy. We do make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so the potential for cross-contamination is great here with nuts and gluten.
  • Frosty's Freezer: This building contains a variety of ice creams, sherbets, sauces and cones. All have dairy products in them, some have nuts. The possibility for cross contamination is contained for tree nuts and peanuts. Santa's Helper will get a clean scoop, and get your ice cream from a new unopened container. We do question, however, how strict they are when producing this ice cream at the dairy. Cross contamination might be a problem on that end. Cones all contain gluten.
  • Dasher's Delights: Mostly fast foods here specializing in fried dough, burgers, fries and sausage sandwiches. This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order either option.  Sausage and hot dogs contain potassium lactate. Please check the ingredient list there.
  • Nutcracker Sweets: We do use Canola Oil, which is a mustard seed derivative, used here for the popcorn.
  • The Jolly Lolly: There is a great nut-free chocolate bar here that has been made in a safe environment.  Products that contain egg and dairy are as follows: All fudge, Peanut Brittle, Cow Licks and the Fun Candies, Christmas Lolly Pals (Kencraft), Bit 'O Honey. Caramel cremes, Mickey chocolate mints, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Miniatures, and Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Bars all have dairy.
  • Nick's Pizza: We offer a gluten-free pizza dough.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order.   Nick’s has no ingredients that contain eggs; however, the cheese does have dairy. Cross-contamination might be an issue if sensitive to this. No nuts. They sell milk here too.
  • Farmer's Market: Here's where yule find treats of the purest quality. Fresh fruits, freshly made fruit salads and drinks.
  • Donner's Doe-Nut Shop: Donner has some wonderful mini-doughnuts and drinks. Egg, flour, and nut products here.
  • The Polar Expresso: Gluten products (pretzels);  sweetened nuts (including Santa's Helper) here too.

Hope this is a little helpful to you. Should you have additional questions now or during your visit, please do not hesitate to ask. We try to avoid cross-contamination in all our shops, however, it cannot be guaranteed.

Do you host birthday celebrations and/or parties?

There are two options for birthdays.

Complimentary Birthday Celebrations:

With a required notification (at least two days in advance) for those children ages 12 and younger, we'll help you celebrate in style...

We'll have a birthday sticker for your child to wear at our "Welcoming" gate; when you present your tickets, just tell Santa's Helper that you're celebrating your child's birthday.

When you visit Santa’s Home, please tell the greeter who is celebrating.  Santa has something special for the birthday child.

If you decide to see one of the most fabulous shows on earth, please stop by the Polar Theater.  The greeter will also be happy to know whose birthday it is.  You will all be JOYful when you leave—that’s a guarantee!

Please complete the required Birthday Celebration Form (at least 2 days prior to your visit) and we will be ready for your special visit. If you wish to bring your own cake and fixings, that's great. We can keep the cake cool, and we promise not to lick the frosting! LOL


Affordable Birthday Parties:

Birthday Parties are a great deal of JOY throughout the day.  They include everything listed above for the Birthday Celebration, plus the following...

Santa’s Helper will  meet you at the beginning of your day, and escort the party to our Partybration House.  These are some of the great amenities Santa’s Helpers provide for this very special day:

  • Private facility for the party (2 hour time limit; choice of either 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm, subject to availability)
  • Invitations personalized for your child
  • Lunch for everyone (Pizza and Drinks)
  • Decorate your own cupcakes
  • Goody bags
  • 1 group photo with Santa for the birthday child

All of the above for up to eight guests is $89.95. Additional guests may join in for $9.95 each.

All guests, including the birthday child, must have a park admission ticket; admission tickets are sold separately.

Please complete the required Birthday Reservation Form. Once we receive the form, we'll contact you promptly.  It’s a JOYfilled day!

How long does it take to visit Santa's Village?

It depends upon the individuals. Some guests enjoy an entire day, where others will visit for 2 days.  An admission includes all the fantastic shows, fun-filled rides and festivities galore—including Ho, Ho, H20.  We now offer 2 Day Tickets at a reduced rate.

If you are interested in visiting a multitude of times, please think about our 'Tis The Season Passes.  We are open Springtime, Summertime, Falltime, Silly Spooky Halloween, Christmastime and Partybration New Year's Eve.  These passes are good for all these seasons, and are only $79. per person.  These make great gifts too.  Children ages 3 and younger are not charged admission.

Do you close when it rains or snows?

We do not close when it rains.  Our rides and shows operate even in the rain.  The only time we close our rides is during an electrical storm.

During our Christmastime season, it may be necessary to close if we have an incredible overnight dumping of beautiful snow! This has happened once. Usually, we are able to plow and shovel the snow away to give a wonderful sense of the holidays.

What are "Rein-checks"?

"Rein-checks" are re-admission tickets issued when inclement weather drowns a great day. The rain must be hard and constant for at least 20 minutes, and with no let-up in sight. Rein-Checks will be issued if the request is made within the first 4 hours of admission, and guests wish to leave the park. Sorry, no refunds. Rides will close when there is an electrical storm in the area.

Can we bring our own picnics?

Yes, we do allow our guests to bring their own picnic lunches. Picnic tables are located throughout the park. Please help yourselves to any of them. Should you wish to leave and re-enter the park, please have your hand stamped at the Stocking Stuffer Shop located at the exit.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, there is never a charge to park at Santa's Village.

RVs and larger vehicles are asked to park in the lot across the road from the park. Our Parking Lot Helpers are a jovial group. Please ask them for any assistance.

When are HO, HO, H2O and other water rides open?

Santa will open HO, HO, H2O and Poogee's Pad when the temperatures exceed 65 degrees F. Santa's Yule Log Flume and other water rides are open from May - Columbus Day weekend.

We have a baby. On those rides which are not suitable for babies, do you have a way for my wife and i to both go on a ride separately (with our other children) while one of us holds our infant?

Yes, there is a way for you both to enjoy certain rides that are not appropriate for babies. Simply mention to our Ride Attendant that you would like to “Wait without a wait.” These Helpers will instruct you where to stand with your infant while the other rides the ride. After the first adult has finished the ride, the other can embark without having to go through the queue line again. If you have other children on the ride, they may stay on if they wish, and ride again with the other parent.

Examples of rides that can accommodate this include: The Yule Log Flume, Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster, Santa’s Smackers (Bumper Cars), Merry Christmas Ferris Wheel, Santa’s Chimney Drop, Himilaya, Peppermint Twist, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Swing Ride), The Drummer Boy, The Great Humbug Adventure, Hot Shots Fire Brigade and Loopin’ Louie’s Flying School.

Examples where all family members can ride include: Carousel, Santa’s Skyway Sleigh, Antique Cars, Santa’s Express Train and our waterpark: Ho, Ho, H20.

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