Guest Services

Strollers & Wheelchairs

Wheelchair and Scooter (motorized wheelchair) Rentals:  Strollers and wheel chairs are free of charge and available as soon as you get into the park in the Li'l Sleaghs pavilion.

Electric scooters are available for daily rental; please call 603-586-4445 for availability, pricing and reservations.

Here are a few of the offerings at Guest Services, located in the Polar Theater building:

First Aid: We're great if you're feeling "under the weather" or need a bandage.

Ticket Upgrades:  Upgrade your tickets.  Ask about our "'Tis The Season Pass" --our best value!  Two-Day tickets and Gift Tickets also a favorite.  Please note that ticket upgrades are not available during our NYE Partybration.

Lost and Found:  Santa prides himself in finding lots of articles left in the park.  Fear not.

Concierge Service:   If you have questions about the region, and would like assistance, don't be shy.  We can make a few suggestions and reservations too.

Sundries:   We sell sundries too-diapers, baby food, sippee cups and baby bottles are great items you may have forgotten.



There is an ATM available near the front of the park in a room between the North Bowl and Elfabet University--just in case you might need a few "bucks" or some extra "doe."

MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are accepted in most shops throughout the park.

Inclement Weather

"Rein-checks" are return-admission tickets sometimes issued when unexpectedly inclement weather ends a great day; precipitation must be hard and constant for at least 30 minutes, and with no let-up in sight. Rein-checks may be issued if the request is within the first 4 hours of your admission, and you wish to leave the park.  (For guests who enter during the last three hours of the day, their 'return pass' serves as their rein-check.')  Sorry, no refunds.

For safety's sake, we will temporarily close our water park features and certain other rides while thunder or lightning are in the area.

Pet Accommodations

We have Canine Condos available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Sorry, we cannot take reservations.  They are good-sized, individual cages that are in the shade, and located in our parking lot.  No proof of immunizations is required.

When you arrive any time after 9:10am (or during Christmastime after 10:40am when the park opens at 11am) enter the "Out" igloo behind Rudolph in the parking lot and ask the Helper in the Stocking Stuffer Gift Shop for a Condo.  This person will ask you for a deposit of $10.  This will be returned when you return the bowl and key Santa's Helper will give you.

These Condos are not supervised; rather, they are in view of the public and our parking lot attendants.  Should your dog have a problem, we'd know rather quickly.  If you would like to check on your pet during your visit, you may do so at any time.  Simply get your hand stamped at the Stocking Stuffer Shop the first time you exit the building.

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