FAQs and More

Do I need to purchase admission tickets online in advance?

Yes, we sell date-specific admission tickets online only.  We limit attendance each day to help provide a most enjoyable visit, and online advance purchase is the only way to ensure you can visit on any given date.

If the date is most important to you, you can commit to a date and purchase the non-refundable ticket, understanding the weather is unknown, and the park will be open on that date regardless of temperatures and in variable weather, rain or shine or even snow.

If the weather is most important to you, you can wait until you see a forecast you like before purchasing a non-refundable ticket, understanding the number of tickets sold for each day is limited and the date may be sold out before you commit to it.

Why does the park limit attendance each day?

To help ensure a most enjoyable visit, and help to avoid overcrowding, and to help minimize waiting for attractions, we limit the number of tickets sold for each operating day.

Feedback from our guests over the past several years has been very positive about capacity limits, and it was one of the most frequent requests from visitors in prior years.

We have been limiting capacity and selling admission online only since 2016 for our New Year’s Eve event, and since 2020 for our entire schedule.

What if the forecast calls for rain or snow on my selected visit date?

Please purchase tickets only if you are committed to visiting on the selected date, regardless of changing weather forecasts or actual weather.  We do not provide refunds or date exchanges for weather.

The park operates rain, snow, or shine.  We aim to deliver Pure Joy, Family Style, even when wet or cold.  Certain rides and attractions may possibly close temporarily when there is thunder or lightning in the area, or a brief driving downpour, or if snow or ice cause complications.

Similar to a concert, stage show, or sporting event, tickets holders ensure their own admission for a specific date, and exclude others from admission on that date.  For this reason, we do not refund or exchange dates on tickets.

Weather forecasts are sometimes right, sometimes wrong, and often change. That’s why we’re committed to opening each scheduled operating day regardless of forecasts or actual local weather. (There have been only a couple instances of severe weather at the park forcing a last-minute cancellation during our 70 years of operations.)


Do you allow outside food into the park?

Yes, guests are welcome to bring their own picnic lunches; however, glass, grills, alcohol, and narcotics are prohibited. Picnic tables are located throughout the park.

Should you wish to leave and re-enter the park, please have your hand stamped at the Stocking Stuffer Gift Shop located at the Exit.

I have a food allergy, what do you offer?

We have a few food areas that have egg, dairy, gluten and nut ingredients in their products. We would like to have detailed them for you; however, ingredients change on a weekly basis. Please check with each shop for the latest labels.

  • The Sugar ‘N Spice Bake Shop: All Santa’s cookies contain gluten, egg or dairy products.  We offer nut-free, nut-free and gluten-free, and dairy-free pre-packaged cookies that are safe.  Other than juices, there are no products here without dairy. Some cookies contain nuts, and there is a potential for cross-contamination.
  • Burger Meister Food Court: This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order these.  Hotdogs contain potassium lactate, but the french fries, onion rings, burgers (without the roll), garden salads and fruit bowls are all free from dairy. We do make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so the potential for cross-contamination is great here with nuts and gluten.
  • Frosty’s Freezer: This building contains a variety of ice creams, sauces and cones. All have dairy products in them, some have nuts. Soft serve ice cream is safe. Cones all contain gluten.
  • Dasher’s Delights: Mostly fast foods here specializing in fried dough, burgers, and fries. This season we offer a gluten-free chicken finger and gluten-free fries.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order either option.  Hot dogs contain potassium lactate. Please check the ingredient list there.
  • Nutcracker Sweets: We use Pop-All popping oil, which is made up of soybean and coconut oil, for the popcorn.
  • The Jolly Lolly: There is a great nut-free chocolate bar here that has been made in a safe environment.
  • Nick’s Pizza: We offer a gluten-free pizza dough.  Please ask Santa’s Helper to special order.   Nick’s has no ingredients that contain eggs; however, the cheese does have dairy. Cross-contamination might be an issue if sensitive to this. No nuts. They sell milk here too.
  • Fruit Loup’s Farm Stand: Here’s where you’ll find treats of the purest quality. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and beverages.
  • Doe-Nut Shop: Wonderful mini-doughnuts and drinks; there are egg, flour, and nut products here.
  • The Polar Expresso: Gluten products (pretzels), sweetened nuts, and coffees.
  • The Merry Mess Hall: We offer flatbread pizzas.  There are products in this location that contain dairy and tree nuts so there is a potential for cross-contamination here.

Hope this is a little helpful to you. Should you have additional questions now or during your visit, please do not hesitate to ask. We try to avoid cross-contamination in all our shops, however, it cannot be guaranteed.

What rides can my child ride?

Do you rent lockers in the park?

Yes, we have two locations with lockers available to rent for the day, for $10 per locker.

Just inside the park entrance, on the back outside wall of the Stocking Stuffer Exit Gift Shop, lockers are available to rent any day the park is open.  These lockers measure 18 inches high, by 14 inches wide, by 20 inches deep.  The cost is $10 for the day.  These lockers require inserting cash in $5 or $10 bills (no change given, credit cards not processed here) into an automated machine.  You’ll be asked to choose a color and to provide a number code that will allow access throughout the day; there are no keys for these lockers.

Near the back of the park, on the outside wall of the Elfs Lodge Trading Post Gift Shop at the water park, lockers are available to rent on most days that the water park is open.  These lockers measure 18 inches high, by 15 inches wide, by 17 inches deep.  The cost is $10 for the day.  These lockers require paying the cashier at the Trading Post Gift Shop $10 for the locker rental and use of a key to open the locker throughout the day; you’ll  need to return the key to the cashier by the end of the day.

Do you have wheelchairs or motorized scooters available?

Yes, we have adult wheelchairs (to borrow) and motorized scooters (to rent with advance reservation).

The motorized adult scooters are rented on a daily basis for $40 per day. Restrictions include: only one rider/operator per scooter; minimum age 16 years old; maximum weight under 350 pounds.  Scooters must be rented online, click here for details.

There is no charge for the use of a wheelchair, and they are loaned out on a first-come, first-serve basis as guests arrive at the park.

My child has special needs. What might be available?

We’ve teamed up with Sensory City and the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism to create a Sensory Guide for families who are planning a visit to the park.  Please, click here to view our guide.

We provide “Preferential Accessibility” to guests who have difficulty waiting in lines. Please stop by the Guest and Family Services Center inside the Polar Theater building.  There, you may explain your situation to our attendant to see if a preferential access pass is available, and learn the guidelines for use of the pass at certain rides and at Santa’s Home.

A universal changing table (accommodates guests who have outgrown children’s changing tables) is available in the North Bowl family restroom near the park entrance any day the park is open.  During water park operating days, there’s also a universal changing table available in the Elfs Lodge family restroom.

Do you allow pets into the park?

Pets can spend the day in our complimentary Canine Condos just outside the park. They’re available on a first-come, first-serve basis; sorry, we don’t take reservations. They are good-sized, individual cages that are in the shade.  When you arrive, check with a Helper inside the Exit Gift Shop (inside the ‘Out’ igloo behind the Soldier Slide when viewed from the parking lot). In the gift shop we’ll collect a $10 deposit and provide you with a key and bowl for use throughout the day; the full $10 deposit is returned to you when you return the key and bowl to the gift shop.

These Condos are not supervised but they are in view of the public and our Helpers in the parking lot. Should your dog have a problem, we’ll usually know rather quickly. You’re welcome to check on your dog at any time during your visit with us — just get your hand stamped the first time out through the exit so you can re-enter the park throughout the day.

We have a total of 36 Canine Condos.  There are two sizes: 3 feet wide, by 4 feet high, by 5-and-a-half feet deep; and, 4 feet wide, by 4 feet high, by 5-and-a-half feet deep.  Each one features a solid ceiling and floor, and two solid side walls; the back wall and front door are chain link fence to allow air flow; pets cannot see other animals while in their condos.

Are the canine condos available at Christmastime?

We do offer these “Condos” at Christmastime, but also feel that your car might serve better as it’s warmer and more comfy for your animal(s). Remember to open the window just a little if you choose to leave your pet in the car during this colder season.

On rides not suitable for babies, do you have a parent swap option?

Yes, mention to our Ride Attendant that you would like to arrange for a “parent swap” while watching the baby as others in your party enjoy the ride.  The Attendant will instruct you where to stand while the others ride.

After the first adult has finished the ride and taken supervision of the baby, you can participate on the ride without having to go through the queue line again.  Your other children on the ride may stay on if they wish and enjoy the ride again with you.

Examples of rides that can accommodate a “parent swap” include: the Yule Log Flume, Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster, the Bumper Cars, Christmas Ferris Wheel, the Chimney Drop, Himalaya, S.S. Peppermint Twist, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Little Drummer Boy, the Great Humbug Adventure, Hot Shots Fire Brigade, Poogee Penguin’s Spin Out Coaster, and Loopin’ Louie’s Little Elf Flying School.

Examples where babies can join the other family members on a ride include: the Reindeer Carousel, Skyway Sleigh, Antique Cars, and Santa’s Express Train.

I'm pregnant, can I ride on all of the rides?

There’s plenty to see and do and share with your family.  We do ask that women who are pregnant exercise additional caution when deciding about participating on rides; we ask that you please avoid using any rides that include the pregnancy icon on the guidelines scroll sign posted at each ride.  Some of these rides are:

  • Yule Log Flume
  • Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster
  • Himalaya
  • Bumper Cars
  • The Chimney Drop
  • Joy Ride Slides

Many of our rides are fine, and lots of fun, even when pregnant.  Most will be appropriate if the safety latches can be secured.  We provide a comfortable family park where benches and rest stops are easily accessible.

Do you have nursing facilities available?

Yes, Mary and Joseph’s Nursery is located off the Polar Theater lobby, with a large sink, microwave, changing spots, and separate rooms for nursing moms with chairs for those who desire privacy.

We also have a room for nursing mothers at our North Bowl facility near the entrance and exit of the park; and one during the summer months at the Elfs Lodge near the water park.

Do you close during inclement weather?

Historically, we open and operate regardless of the weather — we know it can be a bit of a drive to get here, so we’re almost always open as advertised when you arrive.  (There have been only a couple of very rare exceptions, due to extreme weather events, over the past seven decades.)

Rain is a part of summer, and it rarely lasts all day.  Our rides and shows operate even in the rain, and visiting on a rainy day (or even a nice day that had rain in the forecast) often results in a most memorable and enJOYable visit.  We will temporarily close some rides and our water park features while there is thunder or lightning in the area.

Snow can be a part of our Christmastime season, and it usually adds to the holiday spirit.  Usually, we are able to plow and shovel the snow away to give a wonderful sense of the holidays.  Snow, rain, and freezing temperatures may limit the operation of some rides (such as You Tubing, Rudy’s Roller Coaster, Poogee Penguin’s Spin Out Coaster, the Christmas Ferris Wheel, or possibly others) while having little impact on other features and attractions.

What are "Rein-Checks?"

“Rein-checks” are return-admission tickets sometimes issued if stormy weather unexpectedly ends your day shortly after arrival; precipitation must be hard and steady for an extended period of time with no let-up in sight.  Sorry, no refunds.

Are there discounts or coupons available?

Our commitment to our guests is to deliver a good value every day, and to assure everyone that whatever day they purchase an admission pass they’re getting the best deal available.  That means we include and deliver a lot in the cost of admission – parking, stroller use, the Elfabet scavenger hunt, a blacksmith ring, unlimited rides, shows, water park access, visits with Santa and his reindeer, the option to bring in your own picnic and snacks, and more – and it also means that we stay away from offering any sorts of coupons or promotional discounting.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, historically during the Summertime and Fall Weekends through October we’ve offered a military discount off the regular admission rate.  A military ID is required for this discount to apply.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, there is never a charge to park at Santa’s Village.  RVs and larger vehicles are asked to park in the lot across the road from the park. Our Parking Lot Helpers are a jovial group. Please ask them for any assistance.

When are the water park and other water rides open?

The water park — including HO, HO, H2O, the Joy Ride water slides, Polar Paradise, and Poogee’s Splash Pad  — are scheduled to operate from the season-opening day through Sunday, September 10, 2023.  The water park is scheduled to open at 10:30am; because the  water is unheated, we may sometimes wait for air temperatures to reach 65 degrees F before opening the water park on any given day.

Use of the water park is optional and it’s included the price of admission, subject to availability, based on guest traffic flow and the water park area’s capacity for maintaining appropriate distancing at various points during the day.  We may sometimes limit the number of guests in the water park at one time, to help with distancing between parties when conditions require.

Other water rides — including the Yule Log Flume, Red Hot Racers, and the squirting portion of Hot Shots Fire Brigade — are open from the season-opening day through September 10, 2023.

How long does it take to visit Santa's Village?

It depends upon the individuals, because Santa’s Village is a theme park designed to be  enjoyed with family and friends, rather than a collection of rides to ‘get through.’ Some guests enjoy an entire day, while others may visit for two days.  Admission includes all the fantastic shows, visits with Santa and his reindeer, fun-filled rides, and more—including the water park in season.

What are the best days to visit?

Any day we’re open is a terrific day to visit!  The park takes pride in providing a day or more of activities for the entire family.

We limit the attendance each day to help provide the best experience available, and to help minimize any time spent waiting in line.  (If you see a line at a feature or attraction, you can be pretty certain that there’s no line at another, allowing you to adjust your visit to maximize your enjoyment.)

Does the park place any restrictions on concealed-carry permit holders?

Weapons are prohibited at Santa’s Village.  While we recognize that some of our guests may have training, certifications, and permits, we reserve our rights as private property owners to prohibit weapons of any sort on the premises.

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