Santa’s Home

Santa is always eager to greet his guests. Usually he can be found at his home, sitting in his big green chair, though he typically takes a break for lunch around noon, and a shorter break for milk and cookies around 3pm. Family photos are taken during your personal visit.

Reindeer Rendezvous

Santa’s Reindeer are always having fun in their barn. Be sure to stop by to feed them special treats (sold for $2) or just to pet them. They love seeing their special friends. Here, guests can learn some facts about these magical animals. Reindeer Games are also played in their barnyard!

**Doctor’s orders: only special reindeer treats sold here may be fed to Santa’s reindeer.**

Elf University

Play the Elfabet Game. It’s a complimentary park-wide scavenger hunt featuring Elves from A to Z.

Right after entering the park, go to Elf University located near the entrance, just after the North Bowl. There, you will receive an Elfabet Card with all the letters of the Elfabet on it. Children will want to find all (or most) of the 26 Elves located throughout the park. Simply slide the card into the gift that each Elf is holding, and press down the lever. Each Elf cancels one letter. There will be a special prize for children who pass in their cards—along with a diploma!

St. Nicholas Chapel

This is a quiet space perfect for reflecting upon the spirit of hope, peace, and JOY of the Christmas season.  Saint Nick’s is one of the oldest buildings at Santa’s Village, originally built in 1954.

The altar was created in the late 1800s for Saint Joseph’s Church in Manchester, NH.  The first bishop of NH was consecrated in front of this structure.  After the Manchester church was enlarged and became a cathedral, this altar was moved to All Saints Church in Lancaster, NH.

In 1968 All Saints Church donated the carved altar, rails, statues, and pews to the park to preserve these historic pieces.  Santa’s Village rebuilt Saint Nicholas Chapel at that time, and continues to share these impressive works to this day.

Visitors from the Boston area may recognize their own church among the dioramas in the glass cases at the entrance of the chapel.  These were once a part of a Jordan Marsh Department Store display in Boston.

Reindeer Shoe Blacksmith Shop

Stop by the Blacksmith Shop for a very special gift.  Complimentary “Good Luck Rings” are specially made to fit the finger of choice, and all it costs is a smile. Children have been collecting these for about 70 years. This is a signature tradition here at Santa’s Village.

Village Volunteers Fire Department & Firehouse Game

The Firehouse Game is located at the Village Volunteers Fire Department. Squirt your water blaster at the fire hydrant to move your fire truck – first one to the finish line wins a prize. Fee to play is $2 per player.