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Water Park

Our Water Park typically is open every day the park is operating from late May through early October, provided the air temperatures reach at least 65 degrees (our water is not heated). Ho Ho H2O and the JOY Ride Slides and Poogee’s Splash Pad are all on this schedule for 2019. The water park opens an hour after the rest of the park (or later on cold mornings), and closes fifteen to twenty minutes before the rest of the park.

Note regarding Polar Paradise: The new Polar Paradise area is currently under construction. The opening of Polar Paradise is anticipated to happen sometime during the summer of 2019, although a specific opening date is not yet determined.

Ho Ho H20

A stop at the water park is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Lots of splashes, slides,…
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JOY Ride Slides

JOY Ride Slides, next to Ho Ho H2O, are three unique water slides towering three stories high and speeding through…
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Polar Paradise – New in 2019!

This interactive water play area for children and families to enjoy together will include spray zones, and multiple small slides…
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Poogee’s Splash Pad

Poogee’s Splash Pad, next to Ho Ho H2O, is the perfect spot for preschoolers to cool off while walking among…
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