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A Tinkerdoodle Christmas, our classic 3D movie, typically shows in the Polar Theater every day the park is open from May through December (subject to change).

Santa’s Christmas Light Show typically happens every day the park is open — indoors in the Polar Theater May through October, outdoors on Main Street in November & December (subject to change).

Summertime Characters on the Pathways: Performers in the park provide pathway entertainment & fun interactions with guests daily from Father’s Day weekend through Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Characters you may see on any given day include: Celeste, the snow angel; Flora, friend of flowers; Artie, the artistic elf; H2 Joe and Hydro, water park plumbers; and the Tinkers, Ed, Fred, and Ted.


A Tinkerdoodle Christmas

A holiday classic 3-D animated movie inside the Polar Theater.  You’ll find out what “Tink” learned just after he was…
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Santa’s Christmas Light Show

This show combines bright, festive Christmas lights with exciting music.  The lights are choreographed to dance around while you watch.…
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Characters on the Pathways (Summertime only)

Summertime only — scheduled from Father’s Day weekend into Labor Day weekend. Welcome to Santa’s Village, where the hustle and…
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