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Our rides generally are family-oriented for children and adults to share together. Shirts and shoes must be worn on all rides.

During a typical year, most of the rides operate for at least a portion of the day on every day that the park is open.  (Seasonal exceptions include: the Red Hot Racers and Yule Log Flume water rides are closed from mid-October through December.)

PANDEMIC ADJUSTMENTS:   We plan to operate most of our rides as many hours as possible each day we’re open; staffing limitations or other factors may impact that plan on any date without notice.

The Antique Cars, Reindeer Carousel, Santa’s Express Train, Skyway Sleigh, Great Humbug Adventure, Christmas Ferris Wheel, Poogee’s Spin Out Coaster, Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster, Bumper Cars, Chimney Drop, and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree swing ride are scheduled for full daily operations.  Some rides such as the Himalaya, Little Drummer Boy, Little Elf Flying School, Pixie Mix, and S.S. Peppermint Twist may each open only for portions of some days.  During all of the rest of 2021, the Red Hot Racers raft ride, Yule Log Flume, Hot Shots Fire Brigade, and You Tubing tube ride are closed.

During spring, summer, and fall we’re implementing universal height checks at our Ticket Booth prior to entering the park.  Guests less than 52 inches tall (excluding infants and toddlers) will be asked to wear a color-coded wristband to determine ride eligibility, and rides are clearly labeled with appropriate colors to match wristbands.  This precaution helps reduce the amount measuring to be done at each ride.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to ride a specific ride, please ask our ride attendants.  Wristbands will be issued through October; we will not be issuing wristbands during our Christmastime season in November and December.

Under 36 inches No wristband
36 inches up to 39 inches Red wristband
39 inches up to 42 inches Blue wristband
42 inches up to 48 inches Yellow wristband
48 inches to 52 inches Green wristband
Over 52 inches No wristband


Antique Cars

These Antiques are fun to drive or ride.  Children love to drive their parents! Cars are on a track, and…
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Bumper Cars

It’s Christmastime in the city. One of our guests’ favorites! Cars are allowed to go anywhere on this one-way oval.…
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The Chimney Drop

Be prepared to find out how Santa feels when he drops down the chimney on this short, bounce ride. Physical…
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The Little Drummer Boy

This circular ride is where you can turn the wheel yourself to make the “drums” go around. Similar to a…
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Christmas Ferris Wheel

This wheel goes very high. On top is a vista of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range as well as…
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Little Elf Flying School

Loopin’ Louie will teach all who visit to learn to fly a sleigh. You’ll be taking off and landing as…
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A circular ride that may make you feel a little like you’d feel on top of Mt. Everest! Physical Requirements…
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Hot Shots Fire Brigade – Closed for Season

**Closed for the remainder of the 2021 season** Younger children can drive the fire truck, while older ones aim to…
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The Great Humbug Adventure

NEW IN 2020! Scrooge’s home renovation is complete with new scenery, four-passenger vehicles, and a new targeting and scoring system.…
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Santa’s Express Train

Ride the Jingle Bell Express through the village. Remember to wave to the other guests as you chug by!  It’s…
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Yule Log Flume – Closed for Season

**Closed for the remainder of 2021.**  Ride in a log boat through the winding Yule Forest. There are obstacles ahead…
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S. S. Peppermint Twist

Children love this as it feels like riding a smaller roller coaster. It’s really just a tug boat riding the…
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Pixie Mix

Swirls and twirls for younger boys and girls. Physical Requirements This ride accommodates young children only.  Guests must be able…
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Poogee Penguin’s Spin Out Coaster

These penguins randomly spin as they coast around a figure-eight-and-a-half track. Physical Requirements Guests must be able to sit upright,…
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Red Hot Racers – Closed for Season

**Closed for the remainder of 2021.** Children love to compete on this small raft ride. Ready, set, go! Let’s see…
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Reindeer Carousel

Ride a reindeer up and down and all around! This reindeer carousel has lots of fun built in. Physical Requirements…
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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Here’s a new twist on the old swing ride. Fly high and smooth with lots of cool views! Swinging to…
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Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster

Smaller coaster with a lot of zip and fun built in for the family! Physical Requirements Expecting moms and guests…
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The Skyway Sleigh

This sleigh monorail ride soars to over 30 feet above ground in spots! Smile for the camera too! Families love…
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You Tubing – Closed for 2021

PANDEMIC PRECAUTION: You Tubing is not operating during our 2021 season. You Tubing is our summertime version of a wintertime…
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