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JOY Ride Slides

JOY Ride Slides planned opening is sometime in June; the decking and stairway to the top are currently under construction.

JOY Ride Slides are three unique water slides towering three stories high and speeding through twists and turns, delivering riders to a gentle run-out (no pool).

Typically open from early summer through early September, provided air temperatures reach at least 65 degrees (our water is not heated).  Joy Ride Slides are often temporarily closed for portions of time between 11:45am and 1:45pm to ensure fuller staffing through the later afternoon.  Enjoyment of the Joy Ride Slides is included in the price of admission to Santa’s Village.

Physical Requirements

Joy Ride Slides riders must: be at least 36 inches tall; ride alone; and ride feet-first, face-up, while lying flat on their backs.  Sliders must wear smooth bathing suits – no rivets, buttons, buckles, snaps, or other items that might gouge fiberglass and cause scratches for people.

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