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Midnight Flyer: new in 2024!

The new Midnight Flyer family roller coaster is currently being built for 2024 on the spot where the retired Rudy’s Rapid Transit used to be.

The Midnight Flyer will give riders the feel of flying with reindeer, just like Santa does to deliver presents!  We’re planning to open this brand new roller coaster during 2024, though an exact opening date has not yet been determined.  The colors feature Midnight blue cars with silver trim, offset by Northern Lights-inspired green track — an ideal combination for flights originating from the North Pole.


Physical Requirements

Preliminary, subject to change:  Expecting moms and guests with back problems should not ride. Children must be at least 36″ tall to ride with a responsible companion of at least age 16. MINIMUM HEIGHT 48″ TO RIDE ALONE.  Guests wearing a red, blue, or yellow wristband must ride with a responsible companion of at least age 16.  Guests wearing a green wristband may ride alone.


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