Burger Meister Food Court

A fast foods venue which also features fresh salads and made to order wrap sandwiches. Here’s where you can get a great plate featuring a burger and fries or chicken and fries, or a wrap made to order. Salads, soups, and desserts too.

Nick’s Pizza Emporium

These made-to-order whole pizzas are the best in the White Mountains, just ask any elf!  Whole or by the slice, Nick’s Pizza Emporium is serving up a delicious lunch to help make your day enjoyable, and a satisfying dinner to finish up your visit and keep you smiling for your scenic drive home.

Dasher’s Delights

A walk-up window-service delight. Dasher’s is the place for delicious snacks including cheese sticks and fried dough. There are full meals and plates featuring burgers, fries, sausage sandwiches, chicken fingers, and hot dogs.  Kids meals are served here too! Soft-serve ice cream is one of Dasher’s specialties.

Sugar n’ Spice Bake Shop

Start and finish your day in the sweetest way! Santa is especially proud of his desserts so be sure to enjoy your own gingerbread man (or lady) at the Sugar n’ Spice Bake Shop.  The best part is decorating your own!

Mini Doe-nut Factory

Watch as your mini doe-nuts are fried! These are wholeheartedly delicious, and can be habit-forming! Drinks sold here too.

Fruit Loup’s Farm Stand

Fresh fruit and veggie trays, cool drinks, and warm pretzels. A quick stop for great refreshments!

Jolly Lolly Candy Store

A sweet find with a variety of candy and fudge. Say hi to Sylvia, and sample her yummy fudge. She makes it fresh on a daily basis and has some great recipes we think you’ll enjoy. There are plenty of other treats here too — including bulk candies and jelly beans to fill your bag your way for a day in the park, or for a sweet ride home.

Frosty’s Freezer Ice Cream

Ice-cream is on Santa’s favorite list for desserts. Visit Frosty’s Freezer for great hard or soft ice cream, sundaes, and frappes.

Polar Expresso

Our train station is a great stop for your morning coffee or hot chocolate, a soft pretzel and cold drink as a snack, or some roasted cashews or pecans if you’re feeling a bit nutty!  All aboard for flavor!

Nutcracker Sweets

Popcorn or sweet snacks for the sweet tooth! Perfect for watching a show in the Polar Theater, or for strolling the pathways among the pines.