Pure Joy. Family Style.


We’re following NH Division of Public Health Services guidance, as we continue to take steps believed to help protect the health of your family and ours during your visit to the park.  Policies are subject to change.  If you have additional questions, please email info@santasvillage.com.


COVID-19 Considerations

Is it safe to visit a theme park?

There is an inherent risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus at this time in any place where people gather, including at Santa’s Village.  Individuals choosing to visit the park in 2022 are assuming personal responsibility and accepting increased risks regarding COVID-19.

Should we expect COVID-19 precautions to change the way we visit Santa's Village in 2022?

Yes.  Expect a visit in 2022 to be different than prior years.  We’re limiting capacities, requiring reservations, and more.  Patience, understanding, and cooperation will be more important than ever.

Is 2022 a good year for my family to visit Santa's Village?

Yes, if you’re comfortable with the risks regarding the virus, and with our policies for visiting.

Some people should postpone a visit to a later time, including those with COVID-19 symptoms or fever, and those with elevated-risk factors for the virus.

General Information

When are you open?

Our calendar and schedule is subject to change at any time.

Currently, we plan to be open on dates from late May into mid-December.  We’re also planning to open for New Year’s Eve on December 31.

Check the Dates & Hours section for details.

Is there a daily capacity limit and will a reservation be required?

Yes, there is a daily capacity limit every day this season.  The number of visitors each day is limited to allow for a more comfortable experience, and many dates will sell out.

Single-day admission tickets may be purchased online only.  The date-specific admission ticket also serves as a reservation for the date printed on the ticket.

Guests with undated gift admission passes, or with undated general admission tickets purchased before April 2020, will need to make a complimentary date-specific reservation online in advance of a planned visit date, and then bring both the date-specific reservation and the undated admission pass to enter.

2022 ‘Tis the Season Summertime Pass holders do not need a date-specific reservation to visit any regular operating day from 6/20 into October, they just need to bring their 2022 Summertime Season Pass to the park.

Is there a screening process for guests?

Guests are requested to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19.  If you or family members have any COVID-19 symptoms please do not put our staff and other guests at risk, and instead come back another day when symptoms have subsided.

Can we visit with Santa?

Yes, Santa interacts with guests from a little distance, rather than allowing them to sit on his knee.

Are the reindeer going to be available to feed and visit?

Yes, Santa’s reindeer greet guests in small groups at a time.

Will you have live entertainment this season?

Yes, we’ll have live performers in the park this summer, providing pathway entertainment and interactions with guests, from Father’s Day through Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

Characters you may see on any given day could include: Celeste, the snow angel; Flora, friend of flowers; Artie, the artistic elf; H2O Joe and Hydro, water park plumbers; and the Tinkers, Ed, Fred, and Ted.

Masks and Facial Coverings

Are masks currently optional at Santa's Village?

Face masks are optional for people without any COVID-19 symptoms, based on recommendations from the NH Division of Public Health Services.

Face masks are recommended for individuals who desire additional protection for themselves, and for individuals who may have elevated risk factors regarding the virus.

Single-Day Admission

When will tickets be available for purchase?

Single-day, date-specific Summertime and FEASTival tickets are available for purchase online now.

Tickets are available online only; sorry, no sales at our Ticket Booth. We anticipate selling out many dates.

The park operates regardless of temperature and in variable weather — rain or shine, or even snow.  Please purchase tickets only if you are committed to visiting Santa’s Village on the date selected.

A $1 processing fee is added to each ticket sold.  Please visit our Ticket Information page for additional information.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

No, all daily admission tickets must be purchased online in advance.  A $1 processing fee is added to each ticket sold.

What is the cost of admission?

Ticket options and prices for 2022 vary.  Please check the Ticket Information section for details. A $1 processing fee is added to each ticket sold.


Can I purchase a 2022 Summertime Season Pass?

We limited the number of 2022 ‘Tis the Season SUMMERTIME Passes available for purchase.  These passes have sold out for 2022.

The passes will be valid to visit on regular operating days from June 20, 2022, into October 2022 (not valid for FEASTival or other special event dates, not valid during the Nov./Dec. Christmastime season).

What if rain or snow is forecast or falls on my selected visit date?

Santa’s Village is an outdoor experience that operates regardless of temperature and in variable weather — rain or shine, or even snow.

We do not provide refunds for weather.  Please purchase tickets only if you are committed to visiting on the selected date, regardless of changing forecasts or actual weather.

You may be able to arrange a date exchange on your own online, provided you make the date exchange at least four or more days in advance of your ticket date, and there are tickets available for the desired new date.

We aim to deliver Pure Joy, Family Style, even when wet or cold.  Certain rides and attractions may possibly close temporarily when there is thunder or lightning in the area, or a brief driving downpour, or if snow or ice causes complications.

Similar to a concert, stage show, or sporting event, tickets holders ensure their own admission for a specific date, and exclude others from admission on that date.

Weather forecasts are sometimes right, sometimes wrong, and often change. That’s why we’re committed to opening each scheduled operating day regardless of forecasts or actual local weather. (There have been only a couple instances of severe weather at the park forcing a last-minute cancellation during our 69 years of operations.)

If we start our visit three hours prior to park closing, will we be issued a Return Pass?

No, we are not issuing Return Passes in 2022.

Rides and Water Park Information

Which rides are open this season?

We plan to regularly open most of our rides this season. Some rides may open just for portions of certain days, based on the availability of staffing and other factors.

Will height checks be performed at each ride?

During our Summertime schedule and FEASTival special event dates, height checks will be performed prior to entering the park, and wrist bands will be issued to children in specific height ranges, to help reduce the need for height checks at each ride.

During our Christmastime schedule in November and December, height checks will be performed at each ride.

What policies for health and sanitation will be in place for rides?

Some seats may be left unfilled between parties, and ride attendants may assign seats rather than allow riders to choose their own, while regulating loading and unloading.  These types of precautions may slow the normal flow of guests onto and off of rides, requiring extra patience and cooperation from riders.

How will all of the changes be implemented at each ride?

With patience, cooperation, and understanding. We’re doing everything we can to make riding the rides enjoyable, while being mindful of risks regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We may post additional signs at some rides, and we may need to make adjustments at times.

Will the water park open this summer?

Yes, we plan to regularly open all four sections of our water park: Ho Ho H2O, Joy Ride Slides, Poogee Penguin’s Splash Pad, and Polar Paradise.  The water park is scheduled to operate each day, temperatures permitting, through October 9, 2022.

What policies for health and sanitation will be in place for the water park?

The CDC has said there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus spreads in treated water or on features continuously touching treated water. The CDC does not recommend the wearing of face masks while playing in treated water.  Maintaining some distance between parties is still recommended in the water park; we’ll ask parents to help their children with distancing, and we may need to limit the number users in the water park at times.

Cleaning and Sanitation

What policies for health and sanitation will be in place when the park opens?

We’ll frequently clean ride vehicles, restrooms, and retail and dining areas, all of which may require some patience.